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Move, Jump, FLIP!

The game is inspired by classic games such as Othello, Checkers which require strategic movement to flip the opponent pieces and mixes this mechanic with the concept of 'Flip States' (a term commonly used in US Elections!).

The game is a board puzzle game with the tiles of the board representing the 'States' which could 'flip'. The flags on the top of the State tiles represent which side the State is tilted towards. The protagonist in the game is a ‘Diplomat’ who has to traverse the board to ensure that all the 'States' are flipped towards his side. 

The 'States' get 'flipped' when the 'Diplomat' jumps over them or by stepping through some special tiles. There are other tiles on the board which when traversed upon, change the complexion of the board resulting in some brain teasing puzzles.

Each puzzle also challenges the player to finish it in minimum number of steps!

Some key features:

✤ Unique gameplay which is inspired from classic games like Othello / Reversi, Checkers etc.

✤ One tap gameplay. Just press up/down/left/right to move.

✤ 100 puzzles! Lots of challenging levels!

✤ Three additional themes to unlock. Players can keep solving puzzles to unlock different themes.

Some reviews :

“If you’re a fan of challenging puzzle games that make you use your head, then Fliplomacy is an excellent addition. I love the kitschy visuals, and the various themes that you can unlock keep you motivated to play. I enjoy ambient music, so the soundtrack is delightful. On top of it all, the ability to play the game as you please in any order you want is great, and honestly, I wish more games allowed you to do that. It’s just not much fun being stuck and frustrated on a level with no other options. Fliplomacy is a must for any puzzle lovers.”

– 9.1/10 AppAdvice.com

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“This is a great puzzle game that deserves more attention from fans. It is fair and fun with an attractive and easy-to-use interface at a price that is more than reasonable. A great-looking puzzler with simple yet smart mechanics.”

– 4/5 PocketTactics.com

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* “One of the Best iOS Games in the month of March” *

– AntyApps

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"It's smart in all the right ways, and once things start to open up you'll discover a bright, rich game that's going to keep you playing into the wee small hours." 

- 148Apps.com

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Note from the developer:

This puzzle has been developed by a solo developer. This is the first time I am developing a game that can be run on desktops. The game is a simple puzzle game with very basic controls - left/right/up/down keys to move the character + mouse clicks for the buttons. If you find anything amiss or want to provide some feedback, please feel free to reach out to me via this page or drop me an email : contact@shobhitsamaria.com. I will do my level best to resolve the issues. Thanks.


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